• The use of Grade 80 and 97 ksi threaded bars vs. Grade 60 reinforcement with lap splices reduce congestion and weight significantly.

  • Columns and Shearwalls can be designed and constructed with smaller foot prints, thereby resulting in greater floor square footage for sale by developers.

  • Reduced weight in reinforcing steel leads to "greener" projects.

  • Contractors can purchase in "Neat Quantities" since threaded bars are precisely cut to length prior to shipping to site.

  • The threaded bars can be prefabricated offsite in modules using steel templates and couplers for fast erection when delivered to job site. Modules also can be delivered with tie-steel in place.

  • Stressbar® thread deformations are course and continuous throughout the bar. These threads are basically "Damage Proof" as compared to fine machined threaded ends on rebars by other suppliers.

  • Field problems can be corrected easier since the threaded bars can be cut and coupled at any point along their entire lengths.

  • Tie steel (such as candy canes) are significantly reduced due to fewer vertical element.

  • The prefabricated modules can be assembled in one, two, or three floor heights. In Addition to potential monetary savings, the use of the prefabricated modules may help in speeding up the construction project's schedule.

  • Reduction in rebar congestion will result in easier concrete placement with fewer chances of concrete honeycombs.

  • Alignment of vertical steel is easier due to the stiffness of the larger diameter threaded bars with mechanical couplers.


    Modular fabrication begins with templates manufactured specifically for each project and are uniquely designed for each location within the structure; one project can have many different types of templates. The threaded bars are fed through cutouts in the templates and held in place with positioning nuts. The bars and plates act as one unit, which can easily be lifted into place with a crane.



























































































Due to the greater cross­ sectional areas of the larger diameter bars, and the use of steel templates with positioning nuts, our     prefabricated systems remain aligned for easy connections.


These systems remain rigid and uniform throughout the construction of the superstructure.























Our system makes construction run faster and smoother. It allows for multiple bars to be installed at a time with one crane lift. Only two couplers have to be threaded before the crane can detach. Threading the couplers to join adjacent bars is easy and done in seconds.


Additionally, less tie steel is required around the vertical bars. The high strength and increased diameter of our bars allows less vertical bars to be used in any given cluster. This means that fewer vertical bars have to be tied to resist buckling, leading to less required tie steel reinforcement. You save time and money by having to install fewer “candy­ canes" throughout the vertical sections.

Furthermore, the system has benefits that ease the overall construction process. With the cages shipped fully prefabricated from our warehouse, congestion on the job site is reduced, and organization becomes simpler. Bar congestion is also reduced in heavily reinforced areas since equivalent strength can be achieved with fewer bars, which allows concrete to be placed more easily. Benefits are also seen in the physical erection of the structure, as the rigidity of our bars maintains vertical alignment of columns and shear walls significantly better than conventional rebar and wire ties.