The marriage of high strength reinforcing steel and high strength concrete is coming of age. The building trend is leaning towards taller and slender building designs. These structures require substantially larger quantities of steel reinforcement and higher concrete strengths.


The engineering community has realized using higher grades of reinforcing steel bars, in larger diameters, for specific areas of buildings such as columns and shear walls, reduces congestion.


Stressbar Systems International, LLC, offers a full line of threaded bars and accessories in grades 80 & 97 KSI. We provide reliable and supportive services to fulfill your needs. Our innovative products are guaranteed to meet the expanding demands of today's and tomorrow’s engineering projects.


Our in-house engineering staff can provide Value Engineering and shop drawings in a project-by­ project basis.


Conveniently located 3 miles West of NYC via the G.W. Bridge, Stressbar can respond quickly and efficiently on deliveries to job sites in North Jersey, Connecticut and all Boroughs of NYC.